About us

Maskinsikkerhed Aps (Safety Of Machinery) is a private owned consulting company based in Copenhagen, with subsidiaries in Randers, Odense and Kolding, all in Denmark.

What we do

We offer independent advice on:
• Help to achieve the CE-mark
• Inspection of machinery
• Design of production-friendly safety solutions
• Risk assessments
• Documentation and User manuals
• Procurement of safe machinery
• Selection of the Performance level for and validation of the level for the safety related parts of the control system on machinery
EN 13849-1
• ATEX: Zone and explosion protection
• Safety in pressure equipment
• Ergonomically correct design of machines
• Legal assistance and case management
• Training in all above

How we work

Maskinsikkerhed ApS (Safety of Machinery) offers professional advice to machine manufacturers, manufacturing companies and organizations. We give advice to both large and small companies from examining an old machine to participating in large development project.

One of the Maskinsikkerhed ApS' focus areas is to obtain and provide knowledge. Maskinsikkerhed Aps has the ambition of constantly being ahead in the field of advice on safety of machinery and CE marking.

The goal of Maskinsikkerhed ApS (Safety of Machinery) is to be a leading advisor in field of safety of machinery and CE marking. We want to be the preferred supplier of consultancy for safety of machinery, practical design of safe guarding solutions and CE marking of machinery of manufacturers and production companies in Denmark and in other countries.

Who we are

All our consultants are highly qualified and skilled and with experience from production, machine construction and the authorities.

Maskinsikkerhed ApS has several employees who participate actively in the elaboration of new standards e.g. by participating in the ISO Working Groups for "Robots and robotic devices" and "Safe of machinery" (ISO 13849-1 and -2), and take presidency in both Danish and European working groups.

Maskinsikkerhed ApS (Safety of Machinery) has close working contact with authorities, institutions and colleagues in Denmark and abroad.

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