Inspection of the machinery

Inspection of machinery is based on the grounds that the machine must be safe to use and machinery and equipment must be maintained in good and safe working condition.

We are very aware of that safety solutions must not hinder production or reduce the capacity of the machine and the like. Inspection of machinery includes mechanical parts, including safety switches, emergency stops and guards, etc. Electrical components may also be examined by prior arrangement.

During the inspection each individual machine is registered. Defects are detected and recorded, photos taking and safety hazard discussed with the staff involved so we attain agreement on suggested solution. After the inspection we prepare a report outlining the various deficiencies including photo documentation and a description of necessary changes. The report is in most cases used as the foundation for the staff who must implement the safety related solutions.

Maskinsikkerhed ApS inspects the machinery in cooperation with staff such as engineers and members of the HSE. This way the safety solutions are discussed and finally decided between us, the users of the machinery and the technicians who will implement the changes and maintain the machinery.

A typical safety inspection involves:

Clarification of the assignment, scope and expectation

The outlining of which staff will participate in the inspection

The inspection together with client's staff

Preparation of the report

Implementation of the changes listed in the report

Rectification of deficiencies

If the inspection of the machinery has demonstrated safety deficiencies in relation to documentation, risk assessment or the instruction we offer, in cooperation with the management, to prepare an action plan to rectify the deficiencies.

This way the company itself is able to maintain the safety of machinery after we leave the company.

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